The LFReD Project – Loebner Article – Why the Loebner Prize Will Never Be Won, Or If It Is, Will Be Won By a Lying, Mentally Challenged Robot.

Interesting article found on the LFred project website. Brings up arguments against a computer ever to convince human that it’s ..human.

And I just learned that’s first bet is placed by Mitchell Kapor, saying that “A computer – or “machine intelligence” – will pass the Turing Test by 2029″ will not happen. Ray Kurzweil says “yes it will”, and the 20,000 dollar bet is on.

Reading the arguments is quite interesting. Both sides have done some serious thinking here.

Kurzweil says
However, it is also my view that once nonbiological intelligence does achieve a fully human level of intelligence, such that it can pass the Turing test, humans will treat such entities as if they were conscious. After all, they (the machines) will get mad at us if we don’t.

Rather scary, yes? However, I dont think that will be the case, not in the first won Turing test, anyway. Perhaps never. But give the thought a go for a while. When we have a computer able to pass the Turing test (grade A), we’ll have computers as psychiatrists summing up on every case in the world, we’ll have computers as engineers with the experience from building any building in the world, and so on. The only craft left for humans is the creatives. Not that a Turing test passed computer wouldnt be able to be “think” creative thoughts. (That seems like a requirement to pass the test).

Moving into the dream society, noone will buy something beatiful designed by a computer, which happens to have passed a simple Turing test. Noone would by a book based on every single classic with a touch of next-gen writer’s style. Or would they?

And what is the Turing test anyway?
The essence of the Turing Test revolves around whether a computer can successfully impersonate a human. The test is to be put into practice under a set of detailed conditions which rely on human judges being connected with test subjects (a computer and a person) solely via an instant messaging system or its equivalent. That is, the only information which will pass between the parties is text.

I personally find it very hard to believe that a computer will pass this test, even in 27 years. But I’m sure that someone said just that about what I’m doing right now 27 years ago. Admitted, the only bad thing about the future is me not being able to smoke as many cigarettes as I am now.

Let me quote Sammy Davis Jr. here: “Dont roll the dice if you cant pay the prize.” dadadum “don’t do it”. I disagree. Afterall, each party has 27 years to save up money.

But is the prize 20,000 dollars at the end of the day? Is it money at all?

A GPS bagpack that steers its human

An airport that loads passengers like human cargo

A self-driving office chair

A VR game that navigates you to a real place

A projector drone that follows its user