I’t aint necessarily so. Bye Bye, blackbird. Just downloaded seven versions of those two wonderful songs.

It strikes me that P2P-sharing is a wonderful revolution against the old money-tree shakers in the record business wanting to make money on our human needs for music and relaxation. But P2P-sharing is also about showing disrespect to the hardworking artists with their instruments in their hands through their time of being awake during every day on this planet; they do need to survive and they do need food. Oh, and multi million dollar houses near every beach available in California together with their private jets.

What am I saying here? Subscribe to Musicnet and Pressplay, maybe. Or, perhaps, only buy CDs by starving artists that you want to support so that you’ll be able to experience them live and enjoy them in the future.

A GPS bagpack that steers its human

An airport that loads passengers like human cargo

A self-driving office chair

A VR game that navigates you to a real place

A projector drone that follows its user