Log files: Today’s thought-reading

So now I’m downloading 15+ megs of log files at the office. Idea is to find out how many of our newsletters that actually are read. All I need is a figure, a so-and-so number, to find out if we’ve got our content right. But I’m presented a huge amount IP numbers and other personal data, that in many cases (and a bit of social engineering) would lead to exactly who opened that mail, how many times, when and where – without a warrant.

Particularly (then) large internet advertising agents like Doubleclick and Valueclick has an advantage going (leaving out cookie-blocking in newer browsers), floating your cookie from site to site (via iframes and Web bugs) enables them to track every move of an average internet user.

When the net – in one or the other way – finally wins over passive mass-media (the old evil telly and newspapers), billions of people will lay their thoughts directly on the net every second. Not only by postings on Usenet, private sites and weblogs, but also very much in log files from sites and emails that they passively read. Always-on internet makes it just as natural to look up news, photos, television, radio as it is to do that with the current off-line devices. If any of these actions are taken care of naturally, quick and easy, doing it is just as easy as thinking about doing it. Tracking it is even easier. That’s how log file analyzers reads minds. To tie logfiles together in the future, giving a full overview, enter emerging digital identity projects.

Anonymizer saw that coming, but why haven’t they teamed up with any large ISPs yet? Or have they? Would it be destructive for the local community founded on the rule of the law? I don’t think so; our internal thoughts aren’t logged, but when they materialise by the way we surf, interact and express, they’re logged – many of them – forever. That’s not a very comfortable retirement chair for a 80-year-old generation-70ies-and-up to lean back in.

Honestly, I haven’t cared much about privacy on the net until now. Looking forward to reading this.

Yep. Log file’s downloaded. See you in my analyzer.

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