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Stjerne for en aften i fjerneren bliver til Stjerne for altid på kons. Hov, that was Danish. That’s okay. oid706

Subtitling is compression

If you’re Danish and if you’ve seen a foreign TV programme with subtitles, you ought to recognise the name Ib Lindberg. As in “Tekstet af Ib Lindberg”. Subtitling mainly tv shows in English for more years than you have lived, he sums up on what the unwritten subtitling rules are. Or, rather, should be. It’s… Read more »

dp x dx > h / (2 x pi) = Planck’s constant / ( 2 x pi )

Zawodny claims that Pagerank is dead. He says that the act of Google trying to “understand” the web caused the web itself to change. All this because his website has a higher pagerank (on his first name) than his blog. So blogs kill Pagerank. It could be very reasonable to think that the Google people… Read more »