Monthly Archives: July 2003

In Paris, wireless is more

Set up a complete office LAN in 2 minutes. Expand it to the other office on the other side of town in 4. From scratch. Call someone in Singapore. Heck, throw a video conference. For free. Watch a movie on demand. In a park. The first hotspots that eventually will cover all of Paris, allowing… Read more »

From Barbie to Barbed Wire Kisses

There’s a new mission up on Relate-a-zon. And it’s a tough mission. From Mattel’s Barbie to Jesus & Mary Chain’s Barbed Wire Kisses. Fortunately, there are a lot of Mary Chains in Relate-a-space. Undoubtedly, the Barbie universe is vast. oid810

Woman close to tears while trying to operate a Jacob Jensen alarm clock

Jacob Jensen’s alarm clock can seriously damage your mood. Don Norman (the door usability guy) has performed a usability test on the thing. One woman was so frustrated with her attempt to use the Jensen clock that we had to stop her from continuing. She was close to tears and we geared for her health,… Read more »