Why blogs are boring, irrelevant and about nothing

I did a bit of research in Bloglines. I found out. I picked examples.

345 are irrelevant
The daily irrelevant
Irrelevant opinions and stories
Irrelevant opinions
Everything irrelevant
Irrelevantly irrelevant
Irrelevant words
Irrelevant and odd thoughts
Completely irrelevant
Irrelevant stuff
Irrelevant writings
Random and irrelevant
Irrelevant ramblings

2,580 are boring
Gary’s boring blog
The boring days of my life
Being boring
Probably boring ramblings
Another boring academic has a blog
Just another boring blog
I’m boring, see?
The internet is boring
My boring little world
Peter’s boring life
Boring life
The boring thoughts of a boring housewife
My boring life
Just my boring life
1 boring old man

11,900 blogs are about nothing
A whole lot of nothing
Apparently nothing
Something from nothing
Something old, nothing new
Apropos of nothing
All about nothing
Nothing to see here, move along
Much ado about nothing
Nothing to say
Blog about nothing
Signifying nothing
Nothing serious
Nothing much to look at
Everything and nothing
I know nothing
Nothing up my sleeve
Nothing to see here
Handful of nothing
A conversation about nothing
Nothing really important
Something about nothing
Nothing special
Move on, nothing to see here
Nothing to say
Nothing to say here

A GPS bagpack that steers its human

An airport that loads passengers like human cargo

A self-driving office chair

A VR game that navigates you to a real place

A projector drone that follows its user