Point and click your own mashup

What if you could present any data you see on the web as any format you’d think suitable? Movie listings as RSS, events as iCal, or email?

A few months back, I met Kapow CEO Stefan Andreasen at Euro Oscon, and I told him I’d really like a simple, less programmer-minded API API. He then told me the good news about Openkapow which was as close, maybe even closer, as I had wished for.

openkapow represents a major paradigm shift in creating mashups.
With current mashup technologies only the tiny fraction of the web that expose traditional API’s,
like REST, SOAP, RSS and JavaScript, can be mashed up.

Reading Tveskov’s note on Dappit reminded me about the Danish Kapow project, and to check once again if they had launched. And they have, it seems. If you’ve tried the similar service Dappit, you might have felt a bit puzzled as you were telling the system which data is what data. Openkapow does this though a Windows/Linux application so I haven’t tried it yet, but Robomaker, as they call it, sure looks interesting.

One of the first mashups out of Openkapow is an RSS feed of upcoming movies on Danish television – with their IMDB ratings. Very nice, and right here.

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