iPhone wireframe stencils for Google Docs – add text and you’re done

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback on the Wireframing in Google Docs post. I’m sorry if I haven’t yet responded to your reply, you’re always welcome to ping me on @mortenjust.

One of the questions I got was if I had a set of iPhone stencils coming up. I do.

Like in the ones for the web, there is an empty one, and one with a template. This one is a typical iPhone drill-down pattern; groups > items > item.

In other words, to make your first iPhone wireframe, all you need to do is to add text.

I’ve added both templates to the shared folder.┬áHave fun.

A GPS bagpack that steers its human

An airport that loads passengers like human cargo

A self-driving office chair

A VR game that navigates you to a real place

A projector drone that follows its user