An inbox for the native phone camera

Last week I took photos of 3 receipts, 5 screenshots, 4 drawings, 3 stores I want to find again, 6 whiteboards, 1 nice screensaver. Really useful if only they weren’t buried in blurry photos of beers and shiny statues.

I tried Deja Vu, Evernote and Everplaces, but the native camera wins every time for two reasons: It’s right there on the lock screen and taking the photo is the ONLY thing I have to do in the situation. Swipe, tap, done.

So what if we had an app that acts as an inbox for the native camera?

All those weird signs and cats seem to be coming in streams, so we could maybe select multiple at a time:

Whenever you drop a photo on a bucket, the app performs the action that belongs to it, and it could even allow developers to create their own actions.

A projector drone that follows its user

A fast-food restaurant with exit treadmills

A self-driving recreational vehicle

Buying Kindle books at the physical bookstore

An app that makes your phone worse as you gain weight