Evernote without Evernote

If you’re like me, you have lots of numbers and snippets buried deep in your Evernote.

As an example, let’s say you have this contract number in your Evernote:

Now, when you need it, you’ll have to do this before you can paste it into an email:

Launch Evernote > Click the search field > Type ‘contract’ > Click the right note > Find the place where it says ‘Contract’ > Select it > Cmd-C it (7 steps)

This would be faster:

Press Cmd-Space > type ‘contract’ > press enter (3 steps)

I wonder if this could be done as a plug-in to Spotlight. If not, it could easily sit in the space Evernote is already occupying in the topbar.

This could work for your code snippets, phone numbers, emails, addresses, all those things you spend time on hunting down every day.

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