Searching the real world in real time

If you work on a computer most of the day, it takes a moment for the brain to understand it can’t just search in the real world, too. But why shouldn’t it be able to do that?


As the previous post, this is a fidelity twist on an earlier post. While it still makes sense, I think you should be able to speak to it as well. And I guess next time I’m close to where I’ve searched a realtime photo earlier, it should just present it to me so I don’t have to walk over to it physically. Although that has a certain charm to it.

Privacy concerns suspended briefly, the app could submit all searches and make the info available for people not at the actual location.

A GPS bagpack that steers its human

An airport that loads passengers like human cargo

A self-driving office chair

A VR game that navigates you to a real place

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