A remote control with one button


I posted this idea to Medium a while back. The channels on your tv are currently ordered by their channel number, or, if you have cable, by which channel pays the most. But what if they were ordered by how interesting they are to you, right now

Thinking about it since then, and monitoring my own use of cable tv, I feel quite confident that flow tv will be of less and less importance. I took this position 10 years ago, and then slowly crept back to thinking that it might have a role after all. You’re hiring the TV to get relaxed and distracted. For that flow tv is great. Except it isn’t. There’s just too much junk, and you always come in somewhere the middle of a show. I still want a one-button remote, just without the flow channels. It should learn that I watch news around 10pm and the occasional talk show after that. Not at exactly that time, but in that order.

Medium: How a remote control with just one button could make your TV great again

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