Opening an audio cd in Spotify in less than 20 seconds

In really rare cases you find yourself with a compact disc in your hand. But when you do, what do you do with it? There’s no drive in my laptop, and I no longer own a cd player, so I thought I’d make a simple extension to my free Kindlescanner iPhone app so that it now not only turns physical books into Kindle books, but also physical cds into Spotify albums.

To test it I had to find a store that sells CDs, so here it is:

Gate A4


Talk radio with music

I love talk radio, but I would like it even more if it had music in it, and even more if I liked the music.

A nice Spotify app would be one that adds music to, let’s say This American Life, or P1 Business med Bjørnestad.

I tried it, but for now the Spotify app platform doesn’t support the audio tag or Flash, which is required in order to play the podcast file and find the silent spots. An alternative could be doing it in the browser instead.