Danish national radio and television has a Time Travel Special – oh, and it’s in Danish.

Professor’s time travel idea fires up the imagination
For most of his career, however, Mallett kept secret that his desire for time travel had drawn him to become a physicist. It wasn’t until a few years ago, when he began researching a book on the topic, that he arrived at his idea of how to build a time machine.

Aha. Perhaps time to dust of those ethic questions on changing history, the granny paradox, the loss of free will in the block universe, or the bootstrap paradox of information. Or maybe one should read Clarke’s Childhood’s End in order to really understand time? :)

CNet has put together thoughts from the staff and the readers to come up with the perfect email application.

I’d say their suggestion looks a bit too much like what we already know. This is just a feature request more than a whole new idea of how to treat incoming mail. Why not just throw the regular apps away for a couple of hours, and rethink what actually could be achieved with the old smtp?