Tönes Hanana finally opens his weblog. And what a nice one it is. Looking forward to hours of Flash versus HTML discussions ;-)

IPod: Music to Hackers’ Ears
“It’s got so much space and it’s very easy to hack,” he said. “Apple’s done a great job. It’s very simple. Synchronizing it is very easy. It’s just a hard drive. You just copy files over. There are no weird synchronization protocols like the Palm. And you don’t have to worry about space, like on a Palm. It’s enormous. Who cares how much space you use?”

Kind of makes you wonder why Apple refrained from initially opening their iPod platform to developers, giving customers more value. Well. The Apple-way, perhaps.

HTML-Kit seems to me to be the first html-editor to be a worthful replacement for the ever-costing HomeSite that has been with me for quite some years now. And it’s free – just like the plug-ins. Gottalovit.