CNet has put together thoughts from the staff and the readers to come up with the perfect email application.

I’d say their suggestion looks a bit too much like what we already know. This is just a feature request more than a whole new idea of how to treat incoming mail. Why not just throw the regular apps away for a couple of hours, and rethink what actually could be achieved with the old smtp?

Just saw this panel discussion from reboot 4 again. It seems strange to me that it took so many words at that time to explain what a weblog is, rather than how it will affect the media. A question from the audience: “what is the difference between a weblog and a webpage?” was applauded, demonstrating the general opinion. I guess that opinion, or, view has changed a lot during the year.

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Of course, you could argue that little of this is new. People have always whispered at meetings and interrupted speakers with awkward interjections.

Reflections on how wi-fi will change conferences, and how it gave PC-Forum a wireless twist.