Walking around in t-shirt only already seems perfectly natural. My, my, it’s going to be a short summer.

The third place is Sony’s new, surrealistic creation. What a nice way to drift into something else.

Waterlogged Camera Turns Magic Eaves describes that moment as “sheer joy. Or, as the kids put it, a total rush. A whole new approach to photography was in my hands and on my mind. The years fell away and I felt like a child seeing the world for the first time.”

I see this story as a hi-tech fairytale. About a man losing his beloved digital camera, trying to put life back into it, eventually seeing a whole new world. And really, the pictures do resemble some sort of art. Afterall, art is what it means to you anyway.

Oh, and just like the really good fairytales, it just doesnt have to be true. Especially not on the 1st of April :)