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Searching the real world in real time

If you work on a computer most of the day, it takes a moment for the brain to understand it can’t just search in the real world, too. But why shouldn’t it be able to do that? As the previous post, this is a fidelity twist on an earlier post. While it still makes sense,… Read more »

Using the phone as a highlighter pen

I was reminded of this old idea and decided to step up the fidelity to see if I would learn more about it. I have a feeling most highlights will be full sentences, so it could just be that, tapping a sentence and done. Which reminds me that it’s odd Kindle’s highlighter doesn’t default to… Read more »

A headlight projector

Taking the eyes off the road is the most common cause for traffic accidents. So why don’t we change the in-car display to an on-road display? And while we’re at it, place a depth camera (a Kinect, basically) next to the projector and just don’t show anything if we’re in a dangerous situation? And while… Read more »