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Fast camera actions, part 2

Update: This app is now available for your iPhone on the App Store. Thanks, Mikkel It seems people out there agree that it should be just as fast taking action on photos as it is taking them. The most common ideas were “what if I want to share with someone who’s not there”, and “this… Read more »

Sharing photos should be faster

The default way of sharing photos today is kind of slow: Open the camera, take a photo, open that photo, click the share button, type the name of a recipient, hit send. I find that I typically share photos with 4-5 people, but that’s it 95% of the time. Why do I have to type… Read more »

An app that lets you share photos of songs

Instagram lets your friends see what you see. Foursquare lets them be where you are. Pinterest lets them bookmark what you bookmark. But what about when you find yourself having lunch looking over the bay and Otis Redding comes on? Or you walk into a cafe that plays Just Dropped In? Or you put on… Read more »