A bike path that cuts straight through a mall

Once you see this bike patb from above you'll notice what's wrong with it.

It’s a beautiful bike path, elevated, crooked, brightly colored. But it’s not the direct path, it’s not the desire path.

This, on the other hand, is a desire path. Here’s more.

Back to the bike path. For the beautiful path in Copenhagen, not being directly on the desire path doesn’t matter in the sunny pictures, racking in architecture awards. But in February, when the ice cold Scandinavian winds roll through the open area on the hill (this path is on a hill of sorts), the poor cyclists dream of a desire path that is not only shorter, but also indoors.

Aside from the obvious comfort, cyclists and pedestrians in the glass tube bike path enjoy a less boring view on the daily foot-powered commute. They would be exposed to offers from stores in the mall.

One such store exposure could be a drive-through grocery store.