An app that talks to robots on the phone

One of the most annoying things is talking to robots on the phone. It’s also one of those things you can’t just change.

What if there was an app that would let you go through a company’s robot menus on your phone – before you dial?

When you’re done the app dials the company’s number and presses the right menu options for you while you do something else. Like hang out at the water cooler. When it’s done it tells you so.

If you need to speak to an operator, the phone rings and you can pick it up.

But there’s one more step. Let your phone talk to the operator for you. Let the call center agent step through your interactive voice response robot.

There are a few companies on track to do something like this – Lucyphone has made a robot that calls toll-free numbers and connect them with you when the line is cleared. Gethuman knows all the shortcuts to get to human operators.