Photos are notes, too

One thing that is annoying me on a daily basis is all the things we don't do because it's too much work, because the tools are too far away, because stuff gets out of sight too fast.

Okay, an example: you walk past a closed hardware store and are reminded that you need a new screwdriver. It's not urgent enough for you to unlock your phone, open your todo app, and add a new item. It's not unimportant enough to completely ignore.

So what does the middle of the road look like? Something ephemeral, like a river that just floats by.

Something that isn't as binary as URGENT! vs FORGET IT.

What if you could use your camera as your todo list. And when I say camera, I mean the one you get to from the lock screen of your phone. Just take a photo and trust that it will come back to you.

We built a prototype in the sun outside the Potrero Center strip mall, using just the tools that were already there: Dropbox photo backup and Chrome's start page.

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