A slide deck that creates itself as you're speaking

What even is the a slide deck, if not a way to distract people from looking at you directly? Is it extended subtitles, allowing the audience to catch up when they tune out? Are slides argumentation, proving what you're saying with authentic-looking graphs and inspirational quotes? Is it your own notes so you don't forget? All of the above? You could ask: how much of this  benefits the audience, and how much benefits you?

"I'm working on my slides," is what we say when we work on what to say.

This experiment takes the slide work out of making a presentation. But what it really should do is to take the slides out of the presentation and guide you on how to construct an arresting sequence of talking points so you could ditch the slides. But that's not the point of this experiment. Or maybe it is.

Here's my slide:

Slides are built like this: Microphone, then GPT3 summary, then Apple Script to Keynote. In this case, the microphone is connected to an episode of The Office