A projector drone that follows its user

A projector and a camera is attached to a drone. The camera tracks the viewer. The projector shows videographic entertainment on the wall that the user is most likely to be looking at.

A fast-food restaurant with exit treadmills

There is a restaurant in half of the building. The other half is a gym. Customers can walk into the restaurant and eat, but must leave through the gym. The treadmills know what the customer had, and will open the exit doors only when the customer has burned enough calories. Customers can also enter through the gym, but will not be able to enter the restaurant after using the treadmills. The manager of the restaurant is considering an in-between room where customers eat while on treadmills. If customers don’t accidentally swallow their food, he can open a new and smaller branch downtown.

A self-driving recreational vehicle


It docks to your house and becomes the bedroom and bathroom. During the week, it wakes you up on the highway where you’ll have a coffee and take a shower. It stops right in front of your office door before it takes off to parks somewhere, maybe does some shopping. On weekend mornings, however, it makes sure you wake up with a nice view of a national park, or the ocean. This is the kind of stuff that comes up with these guys here.