A self-driving recreational vehicle


It docks to your house and becomes the bedroom and bathroom. During the week, it wakes you up on the highway where you’ll have a coffee and take a shower. It stops right in front of your office door before it takes off to parks somewhere, maybe does some shopping. On weekend mornings, however, it makes sure you wake up with a nice view of a national park, or the ocean. This is the kind of stuff that comes up with these guys here.

Buying Kindle books at the physical bookstore

Update: The app is now available on the store:

Some people think it’s awkward taking photos of books or type the title to search Amazon right in the bookstore. When you scan a book with this app, you can instantly Google it, read reviews from Guardian, NPR, NY Times, and then get it for your Kindle. Or iBooks. Or any custom site you pick.

Or maybe you just like the cover and want to add it to your “Nice book covers” board on Pinterest.

I also added a realtime feed so you can check out the books other people find in other bookstores near you. So you can let them do the book finding for you while you’re stuck in traffic.

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(I made a similar app a few years ago, but I thought I’d make it fully native – with Swift)