A headlight projector


Taking the eyes off the road is the most common cause for traffic accidents. So why don’t we change the in-car display to an on-road display? And while we’re at it, place a depth camera (a Kinect, basically) next to the projector and just don’t show anything if we’re in a dangerous situation? And while we’re still at it, let’s place a projector on the back of the car telling your drivers where you’re going and let them turn off their navigation and just follow you.


Fast camera actions, part 2

fastcameraversion2Update: This app is now available for your iPhone on the App Store. Thanks, Mikkel

It seems people out there agree that it should be just as fast taking action on photos as it is taking them. The most common ideas were “what if I want to share with someone who’s not there”, and “this could work for adding the photo to apps like Reminders, Evernote and Instagram” from Carsten. The most tangible feedback came from Mikkel who simply built it for iOS and sent me a beta invite. The power of the internet right there. Anyway, I updated the mock.


Sharing photos should be faster, part 1

Sharing photos should be faster


The default way of sharing photos today is kind of slow: Open the camera, take a photo, open that photo, click the share button, type the name of a recipient, hit send. I find that I typically share photos with 4-5 people, but that’s it 95% of the time. Why do I have to type out their names?

I’d like an app that lets me share a photo in the same movement as taking the photo. It could be as simple as this; tap anywhere in the viewfinder to take the photo, then drag the photo onto a contact.