Beers and workouts

Screenshot_7_5_13_12_52_AMSometimes one problem can solve another problem. If weightloss is as simple as burning more calories than you burn, you can go drinking and lose weight at the same time.

Try it: Beer workout

Searching the real world in real time

If you work on a computer most of the day, it takes a moment for the brain to understand it can’t just search in the real world, too. But why shouldn’t it be able to do that?


As the previous post, this is a fidelity twist on an earlier post. While it still makes sense, I think you should be able to speak to it as well. And I guess next time I’m close to where I’ve searched a realtime photo earlier, it should just present it to me so I don’t have to walk over to it physically. Although that has a certain charm to it.

Privacy concerns suspended briefly, the app could submit all searches and make the info available for people not at the actual location.

Using the phone as a highlighter pen


I was reminded of this old idea and decided to step up the fidelity to see if I would learn more about it.

I have a feeling most highlights will be full sentences, so it could just be that, tapping a sentence and done. Which reminds me that it’s odd Kindle’s highlighter doesn’t default to sentences.

It would also be cool if this one could remember pages and add the highlights when it sees it again.

It should probably also save everything it saw as an image so you could get the context of a highlight.